“Sadly, I’ve had an accident or two (or three!), and I always bring my Mercedes here. I’ve never been disappointed! Just the opposite! They usually have to pick me up off the ground since the car always looks so incredible I can hardly believe it myself! ALWAYS bring your prized Mercedes here & here alone!! They stand behind you 100%.” – Joel G

“My Audi A5 got its face ripped off (bumper cover), I was really upset. I went to Reno auto body, after Audi of Reno referred me to them and he gave me an estimate but also fixed it up temporally  ( with wire) good enough to look OK.  I had to wait a few weeks before he could fit me in and I’m glad I waited. He asked around to find a used bumper cover at my request and was happy to paint and install it at a lower cost to me.  I went back to the shop and could not believe my car looked so good. I had to check the licence plate to make sure it was mine.  As good as new and they had cleaned the car and everything. I checked the gaps between the different body parts and they looked perfect – I know that is difficult to do. All parts were solid.  Btw did not go 1 cent over the quoted price – he warned me that he might have to if it was worse than he thought, but he did a great job on the estimation and did not need to charge me anything else. True professional an artist as well as a mechanic…highly recommend… You can get cheaper but you should not even try.” – Welsh G